Staffing for the 2017-18 School Year

Due to changes in the contract, the staffing process will begin much earlier than in the past. Educators may expect to be notified of unassignments in mid-February.  Informational meetings for members who are unassigned are scheduled for March 1 and 2.  PPS will offer Interview and Resume workshops on March 7 and 15 for any interested educator.

Vacancies will be posted in the Internal Phase from March 7-13, with interviews occurring March 15-21.  Contract educators, third-year probationary educators, and unassigned first- and second-year probationary educators are eligible to apply for vacancies in the Internal Phase.

For additional information, see the 2017-18 Staffing Timeline and FAQ #1– Unassignments and Transfers. Please note that the exact dates in the staffing timeline may be subject to change by PPS.