Study Leave and Unpaid Leave-- Deadlines to Apply

Study Leave - Full Year
Applications Due 2nd Monday in February

Details from the PAT/PPS Contract, Article 17.4.6 - "Completed applications with all necessary information for fall semester for full year study leaves must be filed with the Study Leave committee by the second Monday in February preceding the year of study leave."

Full-Year Unpaid Leave
Applications Due March 1
Details from the PAT/PPS Contract, Article 17.4.1 -"Requests for a full year unpaid Personal, Exchange, or Career Development leave of absence (whether part-time or full-time) for the next school year must be submitted to Human Resources prior to March 1 or the leave will not be approved, except in extenuating circumstances where such leave requests will not be unreasonably denied."

Information regarding these unpaid leaves can be found on the PPS website