Support Candidates Who Support Public Education! Give to PAT PAC and OEA PIE

Now more than ever, we need to amplify the voice of educators in decision-making and politics.

This spring, we are asking all members to contribute to the PAT PAC and OEA PIE. In the fight to preserve and strengthen public education, we are up against big-money interests who want to cut our budgets and privatize our schools. Together, we can fight back!

PAT PAC supports candidates in local elections, like the School Board, to make sure we get Board members who will respect and listen to teachers.

OEA PIE supports candidates in Oregon who will fight for the funding we need for our schools. By contributing to PIE, you can make a difference across Oregon by supporting progressive candidates around the state.

Take advantage of Oregon’s political tax credit to give $50 ($100 for joint filers) to PAT PAC and OEA PIE, and get it all back when you file your taxes. It comes at no cost to you, and it makes a huge difference, strengthening our voice in the elections that directly impact our work.