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Educators, help build our list of Community Partners by filling out this SURVEY!
Now, more than ever, it's crucial that we organize our Portland community in supporting educators and students as we head into this bargaining year! We are gathering contact info for all the community organizations and folx that YOU are already connected with. For example, are you a member of a local synagogue, neighborhood association, sports rec team, etc.? Are they a community organization who already supports us teachers? Would you be willing to speak with them and share a few talking points about how we are fighting for the schools students deserve?
What organizations are you involved with? Help build our list of PAT Community Partners! Are you connected to a neighborhood association, political person / organization, a labor partner (union), community organization (faith-based, non-profit, mutual aid, etc) that might be willing to show their support for teachers?  Please fill out this form and share your connections! Thank you- YOU make our union stronger!
In Solidarity,
Tiffany Koyama Lane (she / her / hers)
PAT External Organizing Lead