Take Action: No Layoffs at the Library!

Recently, Multnomah County announced plans to lay off a large number of library workers. It is important to note that there is NOT a funding shortfall—the Multnomah County Library is funded by a Library Distract Property tax, so they are maintaining stable funding even as the economy tanks.

Library workers are represented by AFSCME 88, and they are asking for our support. I sent the Multnomah Country Commissioners this letter, and encourage you all to join me in writing to the writing the commissioners and asking them to REVERSE THE LAYOFFS.

Below are some talking points you could include in your letter:

  • These layoffs are not driven by a lack of funds or a budget reduction.
  • There is huge  need for library services in a community that is still grappling with this pandemic.
  • The county should be partnering with school districts, and community organizations, particularly in the BIPOC community,  to find creative ways to carry out the library’s mission even if buildings are closed to the public.
  • Layoffs will exacerbate the negative economic impact on our community and endanger working families.

Below is the contact information for the Multnomah County Commissioners:

  • Deborah Kafoury, County Chair, 503-988-3308 (phone), 503-988-3093 (fax), [email protected]
  • Sharon Meieran, District 1, 503-988-5220 (phone), 503-988-5440 (fax), [email protected]
  • Susheela Jayapal, District 2, 503-988-5219 (phone), 503-988-5440 (fax), [email protected]
  • Jessica Vega Pederson, District 3, 503- 988-5217 (phone), 503-988-5262 (fax), [email protected]
  • Lori Stegmann, District 4, 503-988-5213 (phone), 503-988-5262 (fax), [email protected]