Take the TELL Survey

In February, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) will be asking all licensed, school-based educators to participate in the statewide TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning) Survey. This is your opportunity to weigh in on topics such as the allocation of time, facilities and resources, student learning, community engagement, school leadership, professional development, and mentoring.

Given the serious safety and discipline issues we've had this year, your participation is vital. Documenting what is happening in our schools is a key part of how we can change things for the better. The survey is completely voluntary, confidential, and anonymous.

Schools with less than 50 percent participation are at risk of not having their school data publicly available, so it's especially important that you take the survey!

We will provide further instructions once the online survey is open.

To see the 2016 results, visit the TELL website.