Teacher for a Day

On Thursday January 7, dozens of local leaders spent the morning in a PPS classroom, part of PAT's annual Teacher for a Day event. Guest teachers taught lessons, led small groups, and answered questions in schools across the district, working with teachers who volunteered to open their classroom for the day. A total of 46 teachers and community leaders participated in the event this year. Guest teachers saw for themselves the excellent work going on in our classrooms, as well as the challenges we face in our work with students.

Thanks to all the teachers who opened their classrooms to State Representatives and Senators, PPS administrators, City and County Commissioners, members of the media, and others! And thanks to the PAT Legislative Committee for organizing Teacher for a Day.
After spending the morning at a school, our guest teachers and host teachers came together at PAT for a luncheon, where they debriefed the day and discussed what can be done to better support our students, our teachers, and our schools.
If you are interested in participating in this or other Legislative committee events in the future, contact your Legislative Committee Chair Elizabeth Thiel [email protected].