Teacher for a Day

On Tuesday,  December 14th the PAT Legislative Committee hosted their Teacher for a Day event. We had 23 teachers hosting school board members, legislators, legislative candidates, union leaders, and District personnel across the city. Teachers put their guests to work teaching lessons and leading small groups, and provided them with  the authentic experience of a frontline PPS educator.

After spending several hours in classrooms, teachers and their guests were invited to the PAT office for a debrief of their time in the classroom. Our teachers clearly communicated the intensive needs of so many of our students this year, and the difficulty of meeting those needs when we are under-resourced and short staffed. 

Many thanks to all our host teachers and their guests!

  • Chris Adams-Brown @  Roseway Heights hosted Colleen Connolly, Schoolhouse Supplies Programs Manager 
  • Caitlyn Angulo @  Rigler hosted Enrique Farrera, OEA Vice President 

  • Jacqueline Borean @ George hosted Sara Ryan, Multnomah County Commissioner Jayapal's Chief of Staff 

  • Megan Boyeas @  Beverly Cleary hosted Nolberto Delgadillo, PPS Chief Financial Officer 

  • Samantha Breen @  Woodmere hosted Courtney Westling, PPS Director of Government Relations 

  • Brennan Brockbank @  Grant  hosted Lisa Roth, All Hands Raised Vice President of Strategic Engagement & Communication 

  • Alisha Chavez @  Atkinson hosted Liz Large, PPS Contracted General Counsel

  • Brittany Dorris @  Capitol Hill hosted Dacia Grayber, Oregon State House Representative 

  • Sam Fisher @  Kelly hosted Casey Kulla, Yamhill County Commissioner 

  • Laura Fisher @  Roosevelt hosted Eric Delehoy, Oregon State Representative Candidate

  • Kate Good @  Beaumont hosted Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Commissioner 

  • Grace Groom  @  Markham hosted Christine Lewis, Metro Councilor 

  • Amy Henry @  Benson hosted Lori Stegmann,  Multnomah County Commissioner

  • Ginger Huizar @  George hosted Sharon Reese, PPS Chief Human Resources Officer 

  • Daniel Jacobs @  Roseway Heights hosted Andrew Scott,  PPS School Board Vice Chair 

  • Katy Janega @  Woodlawn hosted Shannon Singleton, Multnomah County Chair Candidate 

  • Cecelia Kauth @  Whitman hosted Julia Brim-Edwards, PPS School Board Member 

  • Ian Mauer @  Cleveland hosted Rob Nosse, Oregon State Representative

  • Cynthia Radler-Okby @  Roosevelt hosted Tina Kotek, Oregon Legislature Speaker of the House 

  • Laurel Richards  @  West Sylvan hosted Maxine Dexter, Oregon State House Representative 

  • Emily Robins @ Roseway Heights hosted Barbara Smith Warner, Oregon House Majority Leader 

  • Michele Stahlecker @ Harrison Park hosted Reed Scott-Schwalbach, OEA President 

  • Ciara Williams @ George hosted Eilidh Lowery, PPS Board Member