Thank You to PAT's Outgoing Leaders

As a member-led union, PAT’s leadership shift every year, as new leaders are elected to step into new roles. Typically, at our End-of-Year Celebration, we thank our PAT leaders who are moving on. We didn’t get to celebrate last June, but we are still deeply grateful to the following leaders who gave their time and energy to make our union stronger, and are moving on to new roles:

Suzanne Cohen—After serving 2 terms as PAT President, Suzanne is now teaching Health at Roosevelt High School. She continues to serve on behalf of PAT as a Trustee on the Health and Welfare Trust.

Al Rabchuk—Our PAT Treasurer and long-time Advocacy Committee chair (as well as former OEA Board director, and most anything else that needed doing) has retired and plans to go fishing.

Madeleine Allen—Madeleine served as a Director-at-Large on the PAT Executive Board, as well as our Legislative Committee Chair, and as a member of the PAT PAC Board. She has accepted the position of Vice-Principal at George Middle School.

Nichole Watson—Nichole served as an OEA Board Director, and as the co-chair of our Racial Equity committee and our Social Justice Committee. She is now the Principal at Prescott Elementary School in the Parkrose School District.

Huck Wilken—Huck completed his term as Director-at-Large on the PAT Executive Board, and is taking leave this year to pursue peer mediation with OEA.

RaeAnn Thompson—RaeAnn completed her term as Director-at-Large on the PAT Executive Board, and continues to teach Health and Jefferson High School.

Chelyn Joseph—Chelyn has been a core member of our Bargaining Team since 2012. She will be on a leave-of-absence from PPS this year, but will continue to consult the Bargaining Team to the extent she is able.

Deepest thanks to these for your commitment and service to PAT, and congratulations on your transitions!