Fighting on All Fronts

This weekend we wrapped up four full days of bargaining with the District, and we’re meeting again on April 17th. Be sure to read the latest Bargaining Brief to get all the details. There are lots of balls in the air, since neither the state legislature nor the District has finalized their respective budgets, but we are still trying to reach a fair settlement.

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PAT PAC Endorsements - How to Get Involved in the School Board Election

The PAT PAC is proud to announce our recommendations for the May 2017 election. Candidates share a proven track record of leadership and commitment to strengthening our public schools so that our students can receive the education they deserve.

For Portland School Board:

  • Zone 4: Rita Moore
  • Zone 5: Scott Bailey
  • Zone 6: Trisha Parks*

 For MESD Board:

  • Pos. 1, Zone 5: Susie Jones
  • Pos. 2, At Large: Helen Ying
  • Pos. 3, Zone 2: Mary Botkin 
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Applying to Transfer for the 2017-18 School Year

The transfer application process for current PPS employees will begin with the posting of vacancies on April 18th – April 24th.  Contract, Probationary 3, and unassigned Probationary 1 and 2 educators may apply in the Internal Phase. Interviews will be held from April 25th – May 1st.  Find out more from this FAQ on applying and interviewing for positions.

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Get the Facts About PERS

Several bills in the Oregon legislature will cut PERS benefits by as much as 31 percent. Find out more about the pending legislation and read this PERS factsheet to learn more about how PERS works.

Addressing School Climate Issues In the Statehouse

Educators across Oregon are seeing a rise in serious student behavioral issues and disciplinary challenges. The Oregon Education Association supports a variety of bills that would help us address these school climate issues. Find out more in this one page factsheet.

Leveling the Policy-Making Playing Field

Currently, educators don’t have enough input when decisions are made at the state level. There is only one non-voting educator on the State Board of Education, while the rest of the Board is dominated by non-educator political appointees, the majority of whom lack firsthand experience educating students in our public schools. The Oregon Education is supporting legislation that would level the playing field and give educators more voice – find out more!

Know Your Rights If You Are Stopped By the Police

This one page fact sheet from the American Civil Liberties Union details your rights if are stopped by the police, immigration agents, or the FBI. It is also available in Spanish.

Industry for a Day

Registration is now open for “Industry for a Day,” scheduled for April 19th from 1:00-5:30 PM. This is a unique chance to bring K-12 educators and leaders face-to-face with careers in the trades and manufacturing in an effort to shift perceptions, dismantle stigma and build awareness of these high-quality, high-growth career opportunities. Last year’s event was a big success, and this year organizers are hoping to recruit 125 teachers from across the county. See the attached flyer for more information.

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Divesting From Private Prisons

Below is testimony from PAT President Suzanne Cohen in the Oregon Legislature:

Thank you Chair Prozanski, and members of the committee for allowing me this opportunity to speak in support of divesting from private prisons.

I’m Suzanne Cohen a proud public school teacher, with the privilege of serving as President of the Portland Association of Teachers, representing over 4,000 educators.

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