The IBB Workgroup Agrees to Continue

On November 4th and 5th, the PAT IBB Workgroup and District representatives met to discuss new elements regarding safety and student discipline that we hoped to be able to recommend to our respective bargaining teams. Remember, when we settled the 2020 - 2022 CBA, the ratification included terms that created the IBB Workgroup for one specific article - Article 9, “Student Discipline and Safety.” 

We were unable to reach an agreement that the two sides felt they could bring to their respective bargaining teams, but some progress was made. Most importantly, both sides reviewed the interests we all hold, and proposed possible modifications to existing language in Article 9.

The District’s interests revolved around reducing disproportionate discipline for traditionally underserved students, and the PAT team obviously held that interest too. In addition, the PAT team expressed interests in:

  • Safe learning environments for students and staff;
  • Discipline that creates real equity for all students;
  • fully-supported discipline system - including RJ, MTSS, and new Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (SRRH) terms - implemented with fidelity across the entire District;
  • A program that is consistent and fair; and
  • A final outcome that creates trust in PPS for parents, students and educators.

Although we could not come to a consensus, the two sides felt that enough progress had been made that we should continue to work on the issue. Both sides agreed to two additional meetings.  

If the two sides reach consensus on some modified language and SRRH terms, your PAT IBB workgroup will present the language to the PAT Bargaining Team. If the Bargaining Team accepts the language, it will present the language to the PAT Executive Board for either a “do pass” or “no pass” recommendation to the general membership for ratification. Stay tuned for more to come.  

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