Time to Get Organized!

Before we leave for summer, we need to make sure we have a strong 1:10 structure in place in every building. Building Organizers, please remember to get the following items to PAT. You can pony to PAT, or scan and email it to [email protected].


  • The Internal Organizing Roster for your site
  • Your building roster, with updated information.
  • Membership forms for any fair-share members in your building

Much thanks to all the building organizers and assistants for building the structure that keeps every member connected to our union through information and action.

Next time one of them calls you, please thank our Internal Organizing team for their persistence in keeping in contact with every program and site in the district. 

Head Internal Organizer: Allison Tetrick, Creative Science

Lead Zone Organizers:

  • Zone 1: Huck Wilken, Cesar Chavez
  • Zone 2: Christine Emmanuelli, Atkinson
  • Zone 3: Rebecca Levison, James John
  • Zone 4: Julie Pedersen, Lee
  • Zone 5: Erika Durant, Bridger
  • Zone 6: Madeleine Allen, Marysville
  • Zone 7: Ailien Tran, Winterhaven
  • Zone 8: Tina Lamana, Markham
  • Zone 9: Kathy Moore, Ainsworth