Together for Measure 97

We have less than 4 weeks until election day, and we need to make sure that Measure 97 passes. School funding has been in decline since 1990, and Measure 97 will finally produce the reliable revenue we need to give our students the education they deserve. If Measure 97 fails, PPS is likely to face a budget shortfall as large as $42 million.

It is crucial that we win the campaign for a Better Oregon. The opposition is funded by tax-dodging corporations like Wells-Fargo, Comcast, and Walmart, and they are spending millions on slick ads. Comcast didn’t pay a dime in Oregon corporate tax last year, but they had $350K to spend on defeating Measure 97.

We can’t outspend the opposition, but we will win this with your help.

We need all our members to invest a few hours in the coming weeks to have conversations with voters. We are meeting Saturday, October 15 at 10 am at PAT to canvass, and we need you there. If you can’t make it then, join us Saturday, October 22.  Sign up here for these events, plus any of our upcoming phone-banks and school-based canvasses. 

PAT members have already volunteered for over 200 shifts of canvassing and phone-banking for Measure 97. Thank you to the teachers at GrantRooseveltLincolnOckley Green, and Harrison Park who canvassed their school neighborhoods together. Three cheers for Janelle Boyle and Ginny Maxam who have reached our “Gold” level by completing at least 5 shifts!

As a teacher, your voice is trusted and has the power to make the difference in this election. Thank you for taking the time to fight for the schools our students deserve, and volunteering as often as you can in the next 4 weeks.