Together for Measure 97

We have less than 2 weeks until Election Day, and we are fighting to fund the schools our students deserve by passing Measure 97.


This race couldn’t be any closer, but we have the power to win it if we all pitch in. 

The onslaught of ads by the opposition, funded by companies like Comcast, Wells Fargo, and Monsanto, has confused voters and eroded the strong lead we had early on. The good news is, undecided voters are overwhelmingly with us when they hear from educators like you.

We need your help. Join us at PAT Saturday, October 29 at 10 am to canvass. We will feed you breakfast, train you, and answer all your questions.  Sign up here for this Saturday or any of our upcoming events.

Hundreds of PAT members have rolled up their sleeves to get this measure passed. We have filled over 600 shifts of canvassing and phone banking for Measure 97, and have reached thousands of voters. Thank you to the following educators who have gone all out, volunteering for 5 or more shifts so far: Alisha Chavez, Christine Emmanuelli, Tina Lamanna, Hyung Nam, Christopher Naze, Kathy Paxton Williams, Elizabeth Skorohodov, Marlene Wallingford, Jane Morgan, Allison Tetrick, Greg Burrell, and Diana Collins. 

As an educator, your voice is trusted and has the power to make the difference in this election. Thank you for taking time this week to fight for the schools our students deserve.