Unassignments and Transfers for School Year 2021-2022

PAT Colleagues:

As PPS plans for next school year, changes in enrollment, funding, or programs may result in a reduction of staff in a particular building or program area.  If that occurs, your PAT/PPS contract (Article 18) provides a process for determining which educator(s) will be “unassigned” from their current worksite, as well as procedures for their transfer to another site/program.  

An unassignment does not mean that the educator loses a job at PPS.  It simply means they will be transferred and assigned to a different position. 

In general, the least senior educator licensed in the affected subject area will be unassigned.  There are some important exceptions:

  • The administrator must first ask for volunteers. Volunteers will be unassigned and transferred instead if they are appropriately licensed in the affected grade level or subject matter area (and are not on a Program of Assistance).
  • The administrator may request an exception to retain educators of color to maintain a racial balance of educators to students at the site.
  • The administrator may request an exception to maintain a gender balance of educators at the site.
  • The administrator may request an exception to retain an educator with bilingual or multilingual ability relevant to the assignment.

Unassigned educators are eligible to apply for vacant positions during the internal transfer process.  All unassigned educators in a subject area must be assigned before PPS may consider any outside applicants.

Find more information here: FAQ: Unassignments and Transfers, FAQ: Applying for Positions 

Here is the timeline:

  • PPS Informational Meeting for Unassigned Educators (details to follow) - March 18 & March 19, 4:30-6:00 p.m.
  • Internal Phase Vacancies Posted - Apply Now - March 29 - April 2
  • Interviews - April 5 - 7
  • Remaining Unassigned Educators Notified of Assignments - Mid-April
  • External Phase Opens – April 20

Find more information on our Know Your Contract page.