Understanding Evaluation in a Pandemic

PAT and PPS have been working to modify the PAT educator evaluation tool. This tool needs to meet ODE requirements and have reasonable expectations for educators considering this extremely difficult time we are working in. Since we are all in the learning phase of teaching in this environment, PAT and PPS share common beliefs and expectations regarding our mutually agreed upon evaluation tool.

  • Our common expectation is that this evaluation is a tool to support teaching and learning. 
  • It’s an opportunity to have conversations with your administrator about strengthening your practice, given these challenging times. 
  • All ratings from your administrator must be based on evidence. If your administrator does not have evidence for a particular element, there will be no rating. 
  • Every rating you receive should be understandable, with no surprises
  • Again, this evaluation tool is designed to support you, there is no “gotcha."

The majority of educators can expect an “in process” for many of the evaluation elements, due to the specific challenges we’re facing this year. However, this tool also includes greater specificity than in previous years, so educators can more clearly understand what administrators are looking for in the classroom.

The evaluation tool and process will be shared with you by the end of the week. 

Yearly Goals

You will be required to have 2 student learning goals and 1 professional goal. Different from years past, you may focus SLG goals on: 1) social and emotional learning for students, 2) student engagement, and/or 3) family engagement. Academic goals may be considered with mutual agreement. Professional goals are your personal goals that you decide you would like to work on.