Understanding How External Job Postings Work

With the exception of Art and Elementary, positions in all other content areas have been opened up to external applicants as of Monday, April 26th. If you have not seen any vacancies posted in your subject area, that means there aren’t available positions at this time. 

Unlike the internal phase, there is not a designated week during which all vacancies are posted at once, everyone applies, and are then interviewed all during the same time period. Instead, it is done on a “rolling” basis, as vacancies are posted. According to the PAT contract, a vacancy is required to be posted for at least 5 days. But, vacancies may be posted at different times, as they become known. You can keep checking the list of vacancies to see what comes up. 

The five-day posting requirement applies only to vacancies posted by July 1st. After that, a vacancy must only remain posted for three days. Please also note that new vacancies in current, ongoing positions which become known within twenty-one calendar days prior to the first workday of the standard work year are not required to be posted. HOWEVER, if it is a newly created position, they must be posted for at least 3 days.

See Article 18.3 – Posting Procedures in the PAT contract. Also, review the 2021 FAQ #2 - Applying and Interviewing for Positions.