Understanding the PLC Agreement

Professional educators in each building now have a voice in what happens in the many PLC meetings that PPS is requiring this year.  

In bargaining working conditions under CDL, your bargaining team was able to get PPS to agree that all PLCs will have half of the agenda for PLCs developed with input from the building administrators and the building’s instructional leadership team (ILT).  The other half of the agendas will be determined through mutual agreement with the administration and the professional educators in each PLC meeting.  

Although we didn’t agree how half would be determined, it was expressed by both the District and your bargaining team that common sense will be the test of “half.”  PLC meetings can be split evenly between admin/ILT developed tasks, and admin/educator developed tasks.  Or, one meeting can be all admin/ILT developed, and the next PLC be developed by the educators attending the meeting and admin.

If your PLC agendas are still being dictated by your building administrator, refer to the signed agreement and ensure that there is professional-educator voice shaping the work in the meetings.