Understanding the Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team was created as part of interim bargaining with the District over safety and discipline, and formalized in a March 2016 Memorandum of Agreement between PAT and PPS. The team’s primary responsibility is to stabilize crisis situations for students and teachers. As part of the process, the team determines what existing staff can do, as well as what additional personnel - such as therapeutic intervention coaches, counselors, and other mental health professionals - are required to meet the support needs.

The Rapid Response Team has a dedicated phone number: (503) 916-6610 

Anyone can make a call to the hotline, but if you do contact the Rapid Response Team, please let your building rep and your PAT UniServ Consultant know so we can keep track. At a minimum, write down the date the call was made; the name, grade assignment, contact information for the educator in need of assistance, and your building name.

Find out more about the Rapid Response Team: download this fact sheet and spread the word.