Understanding the Unassignment Process

PAT representatives will meet with the District on March 3rd to review unassignments. Each year PAT staff review every unassignment in PPS to ensure they are done in compliance with the contract. 

Please keep in mind that an unassignment is NOT a layoff. Unassignments happen when an individual building has a reduction in FTE, and the educator who is unassigned is reassigned to another site for the next school year. 

That is accomplished by having unassigned educators apply to available vacant positions. At this time, vacancies will be posted in the Internal transfer process from March 6 – 12 (that date may change), with interviews occurring shortly after that. 

Contract educators, 3rd year probationary educators, and unassigned 1st and 2nd year probationary educators are eligible to apply for vacancies in the Internal transfer process. No external applicant may be considered for a subject area until all unassigned current educators are assigned.

Any concerned educator may ask their Building Reps for a copy of the Unassignment FAQs.

PPS is also holding two meetings for unassigned PAT members at the BESC as follows:

  • March 4: PAT members, unassignment informational meeting, 5:00pm at BESC in the Mazama Conference Room.
  • March 5: PAT members, unassignment informational meeting, 4:30pm at BESC in the Mazama Conference Room.

PAT reps will be on hand at both of these meetings to answer your questions.

K-5 Report Card Re-Design

Thanks to all who came to the IPD meeting on Jan. 8th to give your feedback on how to improve our K - 5 report card. From that group we now have our initial report card redesign committee members. We are also looking for a 3rd or 4th grade DLI teacher to join the team if anyone is interested:

  • Marlena Maestas (K, Glencoe)
  • Martha Gross (2nd gr., Richmond)
  • Christopher Naze (5th gr., Capitol Hill)
  • Elizabeth Israel-Davis (K-5 Rdg. Spec., Grout, and Chair of IPD)

The first meeting with District leadership and parents will be Tuesday, March 10th.

Before that meeting, if you have ideas you would like to share about improving the K-5 report card, please attend the next Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) committee meeting on Wednesday, March 4th, 4:30 - 6:30 PM at the PAT office. 

During that time we will be consolidating the ideas gathered at the January meeting and can also incorporate anything new which may be brought up.

Dinner provided, please RSVP here.