Upcoming Dates in Our Contract

The PAT Advocacy Committee would like to highlight several important dates that are quickly approaching.  These contractual dates are still in effect even though we are working in a Comprehensive Distance Learning model.  Due to our remote working arrangements, it is imperative to track these dates if you are a new hire or if you are considering applying for a leave of absence in the spring.

  • October 31-   Proof of Coursework-  Art. 9.B.1.c- “In order to receive a salary adjustment retroactive to the beginning of the current school year, a professional educator must, by October 31st, provide the Human Resources Department with proof of completion of coursework.”
  • 60 days from start of employment-   Proof of Experience Credit-  Art. 9.B.2.g-  “Such salary adjustments [based on previous experience] will not be retroactive, except that experience verified within sixty (60) days of the start of employment shall be retroactive to the first day of employment.”
  • 2nd Monday in October-   Study Leave – Spring Semester-   14.D.6.b(4)-  “Such applications for study leave for spring semester must be filed by the second Monday in October preceding the spring semester.”

You find our complete contract on our website.