Updates and Clarifications on the Tentative Agreement

Hello PAT Members, 

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for the amazing job you’ve done to continue educating and supporting students during these unprecedented and challenging times. We also want to again thank the amazing work of the PAT Bargaining Team (Steve Lancaster, Emy Markewitz, Francisca Alvarez, Andre Hawkins, Charity Powell, Thea Keith, and John Berkey). Without this team and the collective power of over 3,500 PAT members we could not have reached an agreement that included HEPA Air Purifiers, enshrining the requirement of 6ft of social distancing in learning spaces, adequate educator directed time, and so much more. 

We know this is important to our members. Over 3,000 of you attended our All-Member Meeting to present the Tentative Agreement and to answer questions. While we were able to answer many of your questions, we could not get to all of them. Therefore, we have continued to add questions to our FAQ document. Please find the link to our Updated FAQ and some other clarifications:

  • Updated FAQ
  • Tentative Agreement
  • Our team is continuing to review hundreds of questions from you. If you have any more questions, please send them to [email protected]
  • Please remember that BALLOTS MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN 4:00 p.m. TODAY, THURSDAY, MARCH 18, to be counted.

Here are some important time-sensitive clarifications:

PK-5 Planning and Preparation Days

There was an inconsistency in the language of the TA that does not meet the agreed upon intent of PAT and PPS. Here is a clarification:

Students will continue to receive some asynchronous instruction during  professional development/ preparation days, provided by the office of teaching and learning

Planning/preparation days schedule for PK-5 Specialists:

Friday, March 19

  • No Specials for PK, K, 1
  • Specials as normal for 2-5

Monday March 29- Wednesday March 31

  • No Specials for PK-5

Thursday April 1

  • No Specials for 2-5
  • Specials for PK, K, 1, AM Cohort

Friday April 2

  • No Specials for 2-5
  • Specials for PK, K, 1,  PM Cohort

Safety Committees

  • Safety Committees in every building will ensure spaces are suitable for students and teachers, with enforceable safety standards. 
  • By March 19, 2021 Safety Committees that include at least two PAT members, shall tour all K-5/K-8 buildings to ensure that all provisions of the agreement pertaining to health & safety are in place. 
  • MS/HS Safety Committees will tour their schools prior to student occupation of these spaces. 
  • Please use the following Safety Checklists:

Remote assignments

If you have a need to work remote only that has not already been accommodated, follow these steps:

  1. Tell your building admin about the desire and reason to work remotely, based on a medical reason for the member or someone in their household. If there are remote positions at the school, the admin will prioritize moving that member into one. The District must make every reasonable effort to effect the availability of positions. 
  2. SIMULTANEOUSLY, complete the PPS Educator Preference and Request for Reassignment form by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 19.
  3. If you are not provided a remote assignment within your building, then HR will review the request made by the educator through the centralized form and will try to place the person in a remote assignment if possible. 

If no remote assignment is available:

  1. Apply for FMLA/OFLA leave, if eligible.
  2. Apply for (and be granted) unpaid leave if you require one.


Portland Association of Teachers