Vote Yes for Measure 101

Have you received your ballot yet? Educators around the state are voting YES for Measure 101 because we see the impact of access to healthcare in our classrooms every day. Students who are sick are unable to focus and learn.

That’s why Measure 101 is so important! It ensures healthcare for the most vulnerable Oregonians, particularly Oregon’s students. No child should fall behind in school because their family cannot afford a doctor’s visit. Measure 101 protects healthcare coverage for one in four Oregonians, including 400,000 kids. No matter where you live or work, or what your job is, you should be able to see a doctor or nurse and get medication when you’re sick, and it shouldn’t bankrupt you. Measure 101 will hold down healthcare costs and it’s an important step to make basic healthcare affordable and accessible to every Oregonian.

Our union has endorsed this crucial initiative and we need your help! Can you help canvass or phonebank in support of Measure 101?  Here is a list of dates and times when union members in Portland are working on the ballot measure.

Please RSVP through our statewide union, the Oregon Education Association:  Sign up today!

If you want to learn more about Measure 101, we have you covered: