Ways to Support Pioneer

In the past week, we’ve received an overwhelming number of emails, calls, and other messages, looking for ways to support the students and staff in the Pioneer program.

One thing is clear—PAT members understand that an injury to one is an injury to all.

PAT hasn’t taken an official position on this restructuring, but wherever possible we want to channel the full power of the union to defend our students or our profession.

The Pioneer staff, in conjunction with our PFSP colleagues, have suggested two concrete ways PAT members, concerned parents, and the broader community can help support Pioneer students and staff:

Rally at Pioneer, Wednesday December 13th - Starting at 4:30 PM there will be a visibility action along the street in front of the school, followed by a short rally before the District’s meeting to “answer questions” at 5:30 PM. Wear red!  Location: Pioneer Special School, 2600 SE 71st Ave Portland, OR 97206. Note: This rally was originally scheduled for December 7th and has been moved to Wednesday December 13th.

Call and Email District Leaders and Our Elected Officials - Please add your voice to the discussion and call or email District leaders and our elected officials: