Welcome to the Substitute

This is the first of quarterly newsletters for you, awesome Substitutes for PPS! My goal is to keep you informed on the various issues that impact substitutes, and provide resources to support and enhance your skills as a Substitute Teacher.


Our contract negotiation is upon us. Mark Oshin, Jeff Kipilman and Howard Adler have volunteered to lead this process along with John Berkey, our Sub Committee Consultant. We are so grateful they are willing to devote the many hours needed to get us the contract we deserve!  Thanks guys!


This is a ballot measure initiative to require corporations making $25 million in Oregon sales to pay their fair share of taxes. Shout out to Greg Burrill; not only is he the lead on this campaign, he has collected over 300 signatures! Have you signed? Have you been collecting signatures? Please do! 


It is to your advantage to be a full member of PAT! You receive more benefits and legal protection than non-members. If you are not a full member, you will be contacted soon and asked to join. I do hope you will! 


If you think you might have a contract issue:

  • Write the facts down
  • Look in your contract for the answers, talk to the building rep, if possible
  • After reviewing the contract, call the PAT office for support. 


PPS has a new website. The substitute section should be easier to access, especially the site reporting form. Filling out this form when you sub will help PAT and PPS get a better picture on sub issues and successes.

  • Be sure to keep your PPS login updated. This allows you to access the PPS network at the various schools you sub.
  • Check your PPS email frequently; there is lots of info about district happenings and professional development opportunities.

If you have any ideas, thoughts for the next newsletter, contact me and I’ll do my best.

Thanks for all you do for our kids and PAT; schools couldn’t function without you!

In Solidarity,

Alice Chadd
PAT Sub Committee Chair
[email protected]