What You Can Do Right Now to Help Get PPS Back on Track

By now you’ve heard the news. 

After an extensive—and expensive—search, our School Board was unable to hire a Superintendent. At a time when our District needs stability, this is disappointing

Other top-level administrators are also leaving the District, and every day we’re left wondering who’s next.  It is clear that the voices of PAT members will need to fill this educational leadership vacuum. 

There is one thing we can all do right now to help stabilize PPS: Vote on May 16th, and make sure our friends and family turn their ballots in too.

On May 16th we have a chance to elect school board members with a proven track record of service and a long-standing commitment to Portland Public Schools.

Rita Moore and Scott Bailey have been serving PPS for years. And at a time when we’re losing so much institutional knowledge, we can elect people who know our District inside and out. They aren’t running away from the dysfunction, but are stepping up to fix it.

We also have the power to pass the Bond. Having the funds we need to fix the lead problems in our schools and repair our aging buildings will be an important element in attracting a new Superintendent. We can also make sure that, in spite of everything, our students have the safe and secure facilities they deserve, and that we depend on every day as well.


Last week was teacher appreciation week, and all over the District families thanked us for the work we do. They recognize that despite all the negative press about PPS, frontline educators continue to push for schools all our students deserve, especially during these times. 

On behalf of PAT, we hope you enjoyed the highlighter/pen combo—a small token to highlight the great work you do. 

The best thing PPS could have done to show teachers their appreciation was settle a fair contract with us.

Unfortunately, when you read our Bargaining Brief you’ll learn more about the roadblocks our team faced. We have a bargaining organizing meeting on May 17th; stay tuned for actions you can do to help support our team.

In Solidarity,

Suzanne Cohen
PAT President