Work Share Update

While the majority of Work Share payments have been issued to PPS employees, there are still a handful of one-off cases where employees have not received at least 2 payments, or in some cases, where educators have not received any payments.  If you fall into this category, please complete our brief survey so we can submit your contact information to PPS Human Resources.  

Please note that the majority, if not all, PPS employees who were furloughed on the Work Share program still have not received the first payment (also referred to as “the waiting period payment”).  If you are missing only one payment, please do not complete this form.  PPS is aware that the Oregon Department of Unemployment still has not issued the first week of payments due to the computer glitch that does not allow the state to override the one week waiting period payment. As of today, the State still has not processed the one week “waiting period” checks, but we will continue to work with PPS Human Resources on this issue.