You Are Appreciated!

When my daughter was little, one night at dinner she announced that she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.  I come from a family of educators; both my parents were teachers and so are my brother and sister. 

But instead of excitement, I have to admit I felt a knot in my stomach.

Teaching is so much more difficult than when I started 20 years ago, and I realized I didn't want my daughter to follow in our family's footsteps until I could help make things better.

I'm proud to say that's what we're working on every day at PAT, and this work is starting to bear fruit.

Teacher Appreciation Week seemed like the perfect time to let you all know how much your work means, both for our students and for our profession, and to encourage you to hang in there.

Even in the face of all the challenges, you continue to make such an impact on our students, and our city's future. I see it first-hand with my own children; whether it's my daughter's elementary PE teacher Mr. Goodrich, or my son's art teacher Ms. Waldron, and the creativity these educators inspire. I see it in the way my kids have grown socially and emotionally through their public education experience.

Every single adult our students encounter plays a role enriching their education, and for that we all deserve appreciation and thanks-not just this week, but year-round.

And the same is true of our work in PAT. Whether it's our campaign for a Better Oregon, our efforts to secure a contract with the District that is good for educators and students, or the day-in/day-out work in our schools, thank you for everything you're doing to help build the schools our students deserve and need. 

We really are stronger together.

In Solidarity,

Gwen Sullivan